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Enlarged models

Enhance Dental Communication with Enlarged Models of Teeth, Prostheses, and Gums

MDO Didactics specializes in the creation of enlarged models designed specifically for dentistry. With years of experience, our artisanal business in Milan has been dedicated to developing supports that facilitate effective communication between dentists and patients. Our goal is to ensure that patients have a clear understanding of the proposed interventions and the anatomical structure of the mouth as a whole.

We understand that some users may be overwhelmed by realistic and detailed models. To address this concern, we offer a range of enlarged three-dimensional supports that minimize any potential unease. These enlarged sections are not only valuable for teaching purposes but also showcase various dental prostheses, orthodontic appliances, progressive stages of common dental issues like caries, tartar, inflammation, and other pathologies. Additionally, we provide models that represent the normal anatomy of the oral cavity, dental arches, or focus on individual teeth.

Experience the power of visual representation in dental communication with our enlarged models. Trust MDO Didactics to deliver exceptional detail and size while ensuring patient comfort and understanding.

Experience Exceptional Enlarged Dental Models Up to 10 Times Natural Size

As a leading provider of enlarged models for dental education, MDO Didactics offers unparalleled expertise in delivering detailed and customized solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our anatomical models encompass the entire mouth, teeth, gums, roots, prostheses, and braces, and can be enlarged up to 2, 5, 7, 8, or even 10 times their natural size.

We take great care to ensure meticulous attention to detail in both shape and color, providing a truly lifelike representation. Our enlarged models can be divided into sections or phases, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of complex dental concepts. By magnifying the models, we simplify the teaching process without overwhelming the patient.

Choose MDO Didactics for exceptional enlarged dental models that enhance dental education and communication. Our customized estimates and attention to detail ensure an unmatched learning experience while maintaining a professional and comfortable environment for patients. Elevate your dental education with our impressive range of enlarged models.